Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bristol, Bath, and Bed

So I went to Bristol to visit Cherrie which was excellent, and also see some interesting city things...

Bristol is actually quite colourful
and not just because autumn is painting in soft pastels
but there are lots of these coordinated terraces which are very pretty too.
Terraces are actually a big thing here.

Also in Bath too, where I went for a day. Very sedate..
 I love these ceilings. The above is Bath Abbey, while below is St. Marys on Redcliff.

Bristol also has a bit of a checkered past, being a historical hub of slavery, but it confronts this very thoughtfully in a great new museum called the 'M-shed' (not as masculine as it reads)
But Bristol is also pretty funky. This is a picture from the same museum above.
It's like it's in chaotic order.
 There is also a significant underground culture, with Banksy celebrated as a famous Bristolian. I thought this was a cool piece of street-art I stumbled on.

 I have no idea what the braille is saying (I've since tried to translate it) but either it's a more advanced grade of braille than the simple translation of the alphabet, or it's gibberish. I do hope it says something...
I liked these two. This whole street was just covered in street-art, it was kind of like a mecca.

So this is just a bit of a taste, as I wanted to put something up before I head to London for the day tomorrow! So I'll wish you all goodnight. Thanks Bristol! Goodnight!

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