Friday, October 19, 2012

Doing is a Pre-Condition of Thinking

We are entering the final days of term...

The goldfish will have to find a new home

Things are built 1:1

(I want to do this very much) - pictured are designs being presented before they are shipped and built in Christchurch for a one-day temporary architecture festival happening tomorrow (Oct 20th)

Which then quickly make way for review sessions

There was also a great lecture this evening, by Thomas and Martin Poschauko, flown in from Bavaria to present their research into design process, available in a new book called Nea Machina, [said with a germanic accent] "Currently only available in German, but in January it will be available in Chinese." I quote them quoting someone I cannot remember for the title of this post.

They were twins and pretty hilarious. They also spoke very well of the need for a strong relationship between what they defined as the Head, Gut, Hand, and Computer, as a system for design that uses all four equally.

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