Monday, January 20, 2014

"Frances Ha" + "The Human Scale" Double Bill

Two films I've been waiting to see; we watched them back to back last night and I think they had an interesting conversation between them... both structured through the places the characters inhabited, each asking "what does it mean to live in this place?" "What is the scale for measuring happiness in the city?"

It's a party, and you're both talking to other people and they're laugh and shinning...
and you look across the room, and you catch each other's eyes…
and it's this secret world, that exists right there, in public, that no one else knows about.
Frances Ha

One thing I can be sure about, in 10 years,  20 years,  50 years, 100 years, human beings will be more or less the same size. Our senses will work in more or less the same way.
We will probably enjoy meeting each other in the same way we enjoy meeting each other today, be just as happy about hand shakes, and hugs, and flirting glimpses.

I don't think by me drawing a line I can force anyone to do anything, or be anyone.
But we can make invitations. We can invite people to sit, to stay. Invitations to a better everyday. A better way to cross the street. A better way to live your life.
David Sim, The Human Scale

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  1. haven't seen the first but loved the 2nd, would love to see it again. Did you also recommend 'urbanised' to me, because I watched that recently and loved it too... so inspiring.