Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tiny Ruins

I don't have a very fancy camera on my cellphone, but standing listening to live music play, the beautiful Tiny Ruins, feeling the pressure on my skin, in my breath, on my fingers, made me realise that maybe a crappy cell phone picture is more representative of this experience than another high ISO photograph, as if it is right that details are missing in the grain of the sensor, that it might be impossible to capture this moment, this feeling... (But note Tiny Ruins, I would pay for a live recording. I loved the eclectic noises of tuning, the strange stories and soft banter, the whistles and hums and clicks...)

It was a full moon tonight (somehow that alway seems important). And a wonderfully clear sky full of objects.

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  1. I walked up a muddy bank to try and fit the moon into my similarly shitty camera. ;) Also, agree re. live recording. I've a live recording of Edith Piaf in a cafe and you can hear people eating in the background which somehow makes the whole thing more impressive.