Thursday, January 5, 2012


Driving from Switzerland to Austria, the mountains rose steeply on either side of the bus, framing the sky as if supporting the celling of a vast cathedral. They looked very much like a bar of Toblerone in their topography.

The famous Toblerone Mountains

The sun would rise and set constantly, as it drifted in and out of the summits of the surrounding landscape.

Snow and frost would collect in the shadows,

Until the scenery became like a scene from Narnia,

and we just had to stop and play!

We arrived in Innsbruck just as the sun was setting, casting a beautiful crimson light over the city. Right in the center of town was possibly the most christmas-y christmas market I have encountered. The temperature was quickly approaching zero, and I bought a Nutella crepe from one of the small and brightly lit wooden cabins huddled together amid the beautifully quaint architecture.

The warmth of the light was welcoming against the bitting cold.

We only had about an hour to wander before we were due to meet again and drive to the hotel, during which I managed to get hopelessly lost and had to rely on the very friendly citizens of Innsbruck to help me find the christmas markets again. But during my sojourn, I found that Innsbruck is a fantastically diverse place, full of rich heritage and contemporary design.

I was surprised to find the brandenburg gate (though smaller). I think it was a memorial, though to what I could only guess.

Possibly the briefest place we stayed, Innsbruck became the most intriguing. It fills my imagination with mystery, nestled in the embrace of spectacular mountains, folded in the creases of my map. 

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