Friday, December 23, 2011

London Pocket Museum

Whenever I am travelling, I find my pockets slowly filling up with things; memories from places I've visited, directions, notes, essentials, misc...

I have just returned again from a short stay in London, and Reading before then, where I visited Henley, Oxford, Windsor, and as many London museums and galleries as I could find time for. I finally returned to Leamington Spa late on Wednesday night, and this is what I found collected in my pockets.

I think this idea came from seeing so many curated collections of fascinating objects, making me feel like creating a little museum of my own in my pockets. (Even though this is from 7 pockets (jeans, jacket, coat, secret inside), it still seemed like a lot!)


  1. Thank you! The person at the Natural History Museum particularly liked my Banana when I removed it before checking my coat.

  2. This is lovely Nick - fabulous in its imagining and in its creation -

    I am inspired - it makes me want to create a pocket posters for my adventure. I predict a whole new fashion development to cope with the demand for pockets.

  3. Thank you Pam, I would certainly be at a loss without my pockets!