Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The smiling sun

It was a beautiful day at the Carter Observatory in Wellington, with heaps of people coming to see the partial solar eclipse

It was amazing just how much the changing sun changed the Earth

The temperature dropped a few degrees and my breath fogged in front of me.

The difference in light was actually quiet subtle. Below are a photographs with the same exposure from the start until the mid-point of the eclipse

The drop in temperature was recorded at weather stations around Wellington. The data below was taken from Brooklyn, where it appears the peak drop occurred a few minutes after the mid point of eclipse. Other weather stations recorded drops of up to 4 - 5ÂșC!

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  1. woah that small person in the top photo is so cute! here it was completely overcast, so we just imagined that it was darker and stormier seeming than it actually was... but it could've just been in our heads.